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Solar PV price developments 2023

Solar PV has established itself as a technology that is mature, bankable, and financially feasible. It went from a very expensive technology that only environmentally conscious people or people in remote places installed to a mainstream technology that is cost-competitive to fossil fuels and supplies a [...]


India’s renewable energy potential

As India believes in diversity, India has set diverse and ambitious goals towards renewable energy.  For a long time, India as a nation believed that climate action and ecological protection were secondary to our development because India followed a model of infrastructure development. The mindset was [...]


New Blog Series: Renewable Energy in India

Introducing our Intern Hetarth Soni, who is taking over the blog We are happy to introduce our Intern Hetarth Soni today who will be taking over the Blog for now and will author some articles about the Solar Industry with a focus on India. And here [...]


What jobs exist in the solar industry?

In our last blog post we wrote about the importance of having and developing soft skills as they are needed in your daily work at a solar company or in your own solar business. But that didn´t answer the question of what jobs exist in the [...]


Soft Skills you need to succeed in the solar-industry

I recently (December 2020) participated at the EPICA final conference which was held as a webinar and organised by eLearning Africa. This event was a presentation of the results of the highly innovative project called EPICA. The aim of which was to enhance and increase the [...]


The new maxx-blog

  For 2021,  we will start here the new maxx-blog. The maxx-solar & energy Germany employees, our trainers from Germany, Africa and around the world and maxx-solar´s CEO Dieter Ortmann who have a profound knowledge of the solar industry and deep insight on the business developements [...]



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