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From basic courses to advanced and special courses – we’ve got you covered. Choose solar energy as your future, because we know and believe that solar is the future! We offer Web-Based training where you can learn at your own pace and Online-Live training in our virtual academy (3D-Learning environment) where you can directly talk to the trainers who are more than willing to share their years of experience in the field.


Solar Basic Course

Solar Basic Course

Learn the basics of electricity, energy and solar and be prepared for our other courses

Solar Intermediate Technical Course

Solar Power Designer – On-grid -100 kWp

Learn how-to design and plan grid-tied systems up to 100 kWp.

Solar Advanced Technical Course On-grid 2MWp

Solar Power Designer – On-grid – 2 MWp

Learn the how-to design and plan ground-mounted, grid-tied systems up to 2 MWp.

Off-grid course

Solar Power Designer – Backup

Learn how to design and plan systems with energy storage and backup power.

What our participants say

Online Solar Training testimonial from Bashir Mohamud

Besides the knowledge I’ve gained from the course,

there is no doubt it was a fantastic experience that I will never forget and I am proud to have been a part of the ISA-Pilot Project Virtual Academy. Bashiir Mohamud Electrical Engineer, Renewable Energy business owner and the Chairperson of Somali Green Energy Association (SOGEA)

Online Solar Training testimonial from Crispin

I want to extend my sincere gratitude to you and your team for this amazing training opportunity.

It was special and memorable, one I will cherish for my lifetime. I will certainly look forward to future courses in the Virtual Academy. Chrispin A, Granada

Six Advantages of Online Solar Training

  1. You can learn from anywhere, anytime: the only thing you need is an internet connection to a) download the training material or b) participate in the live online training provided by the institution you chose.
  2. With web-based training, which means online training that is pre-recorded with video material, PowerPoint, and learning materials as well as quizzes and multiple-choice tests, you can learn at your own speed. For example, you have a busy week but each Saturday you take the time to learn for 1 or 2 hours. A web-based Solar Online Training will make that possible. Investing in learning and taking time for it is always the best way to reach the goals you want! 😉
  3. The learning content as well as how it is presented is also changing. Don´t fear being bored and tired while staring at a screen for some hours. New forms of videos, quizzes, and exercises will energize you and help you through a course of 10 or more hours of learning.
  4. Saving costs and saving time: you don´t have to travel to a training institution, so either you are saving money for flights, buses, trains, cars and hotels to participate in 3 or more days long course. We think this is the best part because it is good for your purse as well as it is for the environment. Win-win with solar online training! 😉
  5. Meeting Experts and get in touch with them directly because they can also dial in from wherever they are. So, you could meet an expert, that has more than 30 years of experience in the Solar Industry, who had installed many solar systems (off-grid and on-grid) up to megawatt peaks and he or she will be there to coach you and share their knowledge with you- I think this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that the internet made possible!
  6. Networking: Be part of a big network of like-minded people. This is a great opportunity to ask for advice, share mistakes, support each other on the way to grow, and either start your career or start your own solar business. Make use of the network that the solar online training institute/academy is providing. We also offer events where manufacturers or other experts from the industry join and share their latest news from the industry as well as job offers.
Online Solar Training

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