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Solar PV price developments 2023

Solar PV has established itself as a technology that is mature, bankable, and financially feasible. It went from a very expensive technology that only environmentally conscious people or people in remote places installed to a mainstream technology that is cost-competitive to fossil fuels and supplies a [...]


Solar Online Training

Have you ever considered getting your knowledge and expertise through Solar Online Training? With the pandemic, face-to-face training became impossible and many learning institutions were forced to move to online training. Online training has certain challenges as compared to face-to-face training. Here we will compare the [...]


5 Steps to a Successful Solar Business

In over 7 years in the South African solar industry, we have seen many solar companies coming and going! But what is the secret of the successful ones? We made some observations, here is the summary as 5 steps of what makes a successful solar business! [...]



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