Introducing our Intern Hetarth Soni, who is taking over the blog

We are happy to introduce our Intern Hetarth Soni today who will be taking over the Blog for now and will author some articles about the Solar Industry with a focus on India.

And here he goes:


Today, I want to start writing something different.

It’s late at night, I have my Indian masala tea ready, and my mind is wondering about one thing:

How to introduce myself as a blogger?

It sounds like it’s no big deal, but it really is.

Welcome to my Blog Channel!

My name is Hetarth Soni, and within this blog, I started writing Blogs on the latest development, future scenario, opportunity, and potential of Renewable Energy in India.

I was born and brought up in India and I have started my Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. My purpose was to choose this field because of my in-depth interest in different technologies which make the world better in day-to-day life. As far as I went through this course my whole interest attracted Renewable Energy which was a mandatory subject though. Later, I started reading so many online research and publication articles that encouraged me to get involved deeply in renewable energy.

After I conquered the bachelor’s degree, I have joined one of the most prestigious and a multinational company called “Zydus Cadila Ltd.” in 2018 as a junior project engineer. But it was not something that I really wanted with my life. Because I developed my goal during this job, which was “Make the entire world dependent on renewable energy.” To achieve and make this possible, I moved to Germany in 2019 for my master study in Renewable Energy Systems at Hochschule Nordhausen.

I chose my thesis topic in that way, which can lead me towards my goal either. My thesis topic is “Energy System Modelling of an Eco-Village with OEMOF.” With this modelling strategies, entire eco-village can be converted into 100% green, self-sustainable and dependent on its own renewable sources. It will no longer be dependent on the central/traditional grid. By starting with the rural areas, I am damn sure that one day the entire world will become self-sustainable.

I joined maxx-solar & energy GmbH & Co.KG as an Intern student to get involved in the practical world and get familiar with technical understandings for my master thesis. They are experts in the field of renewable energy, especially in the solar energy industry. Also, we encourage and teach people across the world through maxx-solar-online-academy offering various courses.

So, stay tuned for the latest updates and news on solar. In my next blog, we will go through the potential of renewable energy in India.

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