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Solar Power Designer – Backup

Focus:  Learn to design on-grid solar power systems, with backup power for residential and small commercial roof-top applications. Correctly size, design and plan solar systems with backup power! Course objective: The course provides technical knowledge and design steps for on-grid solar systems with energy storage [...]


Solar Power Designer – On-grid – 2 MWp

Description: Designing and building On-grid solar PV Advanced course up to 2MWp for ground mount applications. Duration: 5 Days (3 hours per day) Course Outline & Structure Content Overview of Components, modules, inverter, mounting structure for ground-mounted PV systems Introduction to PV [...]


Solar Power Designer – On-grid -100 kWp

Short description: On-grid solar PV Intermediate course up to 100kWp covering residential to small commercial roof-top applications Focus: In-depth application-based characteristics, operations and performance aspects of PV modules and PV inverters, on-grid system configurations, site assessment, step-by-step design, simulation tool overview, software-based system design, electrical [...]


Solar Basic Course

Focus: Electrical basics, types of PV systems, solar system technology and components, Solar system performance and yield, basics of PV system design. Preparation for intermediate and advanced courses.Course objective: The Solar Basic Course provides the technical knowledge and understanding of electricity and Photovoltaic (PV) systems. Participants [...]



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