Learn to design on-grid solar power systems, with backup power
for residential and small commercial roof-top applications.

Correctly size, design and plan solar systems with backup power!
off-grid solar training

What you’ll learn

  • Solar system components and their functions
    Understand all solar system components and their functions in detail.

  • On-grid solar system with backup power design and configurations
    Understand how a solar system with backup power works, how the energy flows and how it works in conjunction with a diesel generator.

  • Project opportunity assessment
    Understand electricity tariffs and bills. How to do a detailed desktop and on-site assessment.

  • Manual system design
    Know how to select the correct system,  cables and inverter and battery sizes and why.

  • Software-based system design
    Be able to use software to design solar systems and calculate expected system yields.

  • Electrical design
    Earthing, surge protection, fuses, cable sizes, standards and best practices.

Course objective

The course provides technical knowledge and design steps for on-grid solar systems with energy storage and backup power. Participants are presented with more detailed know-how on PV modules, battery inverters, and battery functionality. The course is designed to equip the participants with more comprehensive knowledge of the components and their interface, the key considerations and steps in the design as well as the overall system integration, empowering the participants with a deeper technical understanding and ability to design an on-grid PV system with backup power.

Who is this course for?

  • This course is for people who want to improve their technical understanding and specifically, be able to design PV systems with backup power.
  • People and companies that want to design and sell solar power systems and backup power systems
  • Home and business owners wanting to learn more about off-grid solar systems.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

Completion of the Solar PV Basic course or prior basic understanding of PV systems, solar resource and basic electrical systems, similar to what is covered in the Solar PV Basic Course. Not sure if you meet the prerequisites? Then take this quick, 20-question self-assessment test. Click here to start the test.

Course Summary

Course Format:

  • Twenty hours of online recorded video training.
  • Two x two-hour live face-to-face meetings on Teams or Zoom
  • Two x Practical assignments

Language: English

Number of modules: 12

Solar Module Close up

Learn from the best.

Professionals with more than 50 years combined experience in the solar industry!

Meet the trainers

Christine Leffler

Christine Leffler

Academy manager

Axel Scholle

Axel Scholle

Head of training

Johann Fritz

Content developer and trainer

Course curriculum and learning goals

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Course availability and registration

This course is not currently running.

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Registration will start on 1 September.

The course will start again on 1 October

Registrations are limited to 20 people.

Frequently Asked Questions

The maxx-solar-online-academy is a 100% digital “product” so most of us work remotely and are from Germany, South Africa, Namibia etc.  

The maxx-solar-online-academy belongs to MAXX SOLAR & ENERGIE GmbH & Co.KG which is a Germany-based Solar Installation Company, with more than 15 years of Industry experience.  

In 2010 MAXX SOLAR & ENERGIE GmbH& Co. KG started a Solar Company in South Africa: MAXX ENERGY Pty. Ltd. maxx-solar-energy.co.za (Home | maxx – solar & energy – Photovoltaic from Germany – Now available in South Africa (maxx-solar-energy.co.za) 

We still have an office in South Africa and therefore we are a multi-cultural and international team.  

Our Trainers are from South Africa and therefore bring the best local content and knowledge to you.  

Yes, we offer certificates, after you completed the course. They are not accredited as we want to give people from all English-speaking countries the opportunity to join our courses and receive a certificate where their gained skills and knowledge is shown. 

Currently, we have the option that you book the course that you are interested in and our bookkeeping department will receive a notification. If you filled out the whole web form, then we should have all the information we need in order to write you an invoice, which you can pay via ETF.  

If you are a company that books a course for your employee, please don´t forget to add your VAT Number and the address of the company, so we can send the correct invoice right away. 

After we receive the POP (Proof of Payment) via E-Mail or through our bank notification, you will get immediate access to the courses.  

No, we are currently offering no on-site or face-to-face training. We are offering all our courses 100% online.  

All you need is a Laptop and a mouse and a good internet connection to join our online courses. Most of them are web-based training, meaning you can participate on your own time and pace. You can also join the courses through your mobile phone, but we would not recommend doing that as learning theory and doing tests is always better on a PC/Laptop. But of course, it is always up to your own personal wish 😉  

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to register, log in and access the courses.

Click here to download the guide.

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