Learn to design on-grid solar PV systems, up to 100kWp
for residential and small commercial roof-top applications.

Correctly size, design and plan on-grid solar systems!
on-grid solar PV systems

What you’ll learn

  • Solar system components and their functions
    Understand all solar system components and their functions in detail.

  • On-grid solar system design and configurations
    Understand how a grid-tied solar system works, how the energy flows and how it works in conjunction with a diesel generator.

  • Project opportunity assessment
    Understand electricity tariffs and bills. How to do a detailed desktop and on-site assessment.

  • Manual system design
    Know how to select the correct system,  cables and inverter sizes and why.

  • Software-based system design
    Be able to use software to design solar systems and calculate expected system yields.

Course objective

The Intermediate Course provides technical knowledge and design steps for PV systems. Participants are presented with more detailed know-how on PV modules and PV inverter functionality. The course is designed to equip the participants with more comprehensive knowledge of the components and their interface, the key considerations and steps in the design as well as the overall system integration, empowering the participants with a deeper technical understanding and ability to design a PV system.

Who is this course for?

This course is for people who want to improve their technical understanding and
specifically, be able to design on-grid PV systems.
People who want to participate in our advanced courses.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

Completion of the Solar PV Basic course or prior basic understanding of PV systems, solar resource and basic electrical systems, similar to what is covered in the Solar PV Basic Course. Not sure if you meet the pre-requisites? Then take this quick, 20 question self-assessment test. Click here to start the test.

Learn from the best.

Professionals with more than 50 years combined experience in the solar industry!

Meet the trainers

Christine Leffler

Christine Leffler

Academy manager

Axel Scholle

Axel Scholle

Head of training

Johann Fritz

Content developer and trainer

Hans Hiltrop

Hans Hiltrop

Content developer and trainer

What our participants say

Muhammed Manjang Intermediate-100kWp

I am excited and inspired by your teams to enable me to acquire skills

“Thank you and your team, especially Mr Scholle and Mr Fritz, indeed it is a great adventure to have been a participant in the online training which was completed this afternoon. I am excited and inspired by your teams to enable me to acquire skills, Safety precautions methods in working and handling the solar panel, calculating involves, installation and operation and system Design etc.
Thank you for your tremendous efforts, it enables me now to build interest in solar, especially the system design. I am grateful you guys have the competency and capability in your area.

Muhammed Manjang, Student at the Gambia Technical Training Institute

Musa Bah, Solar intermediate course, 100kWp

Video interview between Christine Leffler and Musa Bah.

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Course Summary

Duration: Twenty hours of face to face online training on Teams.

Format: Online training, online quizzes, Final assessment test. Final assessment practical assignment.

Language: English

Number of modules: 11

Solar Module Close up

Course curriculum and learning goals

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Sample lesson video

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