Cooperation and Certification with  Chamber of Crafts, Germany

Maxx-solar-online-academy is pleased that the Handwerkskammer Erfurt (Chamber of Crafts, Erfurt) certified the content of the course PV-Designer on-grid (advanced) as equivalent to the training regulation Geprüfte Fachkraft für Erneuerbare Energien in the module Photovoltaics by:

  • the legal regulation for “Certified Specialist for Renewable Energies – Photovoltaics” of May 03, 2013, and according to the
  • the framework curriculum for the training areas for the “Certified Specialist for Renewable Energies – Photovoltaics Area ” § 42a Handwerksordnung in the current version.

In these 3 following pictures, you can see the Certificate and a summary of the content that was certified and taught during the course.

And here we are very pround and happy sharing pictures of the day that Dieter Ortmann (CEO of maxx-solar & energie) and Thomas Malcherek (CEO of the Chamber of Crafts Erfurt) signed the cooperation treaty for the maxx-solar-online-academy and the Chamber of Crafts Erfurt.

Handswerk Kamer Erfurt

(C) Picture by Handwerkskammer Erfurt

(C) Picture by Handwerkskammer Erfurt

There will be more information comming soon, as the Chamber of Crafts Erfurt and maxx-solar planning a Pilot Project with Augmented Reality and Training in 2022.