To celebrate Valentin software, our joint love of solar PV and well planned PV systems: we toss the “e” and make the 14th February Valentin’s Day!

On this special day, we grant discounts on many Valentin products, especially PV Sol Premium, Europe’s #1 software in the field of solar planning software. PV Sol is a great product, even greater if you need to know how to use it properly. So we offer a free training together with the software. On 14th February, a 1-day training course takes place where you learn basics of PV Sol. You learn how to use the software and go through an example exercise.

The regular price for PV Sol Premium is R22,015 ex. VAT, whereas the Valentin’s Day price is R16,511.25 ex. VAT. The fee includes the training course!

You can register for the course and software license through our website:

valentines day special pv sol

If you want to have a look at PV Sol and get a first impression, have a look at this video: