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Solar Power Designer – Backup

Focus:  Learn to design on-grid solar power systems, with backup power for residential and small commercial roof-top applications. Correctly size, design and plan solar systems with backup power! Course objective: The course provides technical knowledge and design steps for on-grid solar systems with energy storage [...]


Solar Introductory Course

This course is currently still being developed and will be available soon! In the meantime, you might be interested in our Solar Basics Course. Click here


Solar Power Designer – On-grid – 2 MWp

Description: Designing and building On-grid solar PV Advanced course up to 2MWp for ground mount applications. Duration: 5 Days (3 hours per day) Course Outline & Structure Content Overview of Components, modules, inverter, mounting structure for ground-mounted PV systems Introduction to PV [...]


Solar Power Designer – On-grid -100 kWp

Short description: On-grid solar PV Intermediate course up to 100kWp covering residential to small commercial roof-top applications Focus: In-depth application-based characteristics, operations and performance aspects of PV modules and PV inverters, on-grid system configurations, site assessment, step-by-step design, simulation tool overview, software-based system design, electrical [...]


Solar Basic Course

Focus: Electrical basics, types of PV systems, solar system technology and components, Solar system performance and yield, basics of PV system design. Preparation for intermediate and advanced courses.Course objective: The Solar Basic Course provides the technical knowledge and understanding of electricity and Photovoltaic (PV) systems. Participants [...]



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