IMG_3190Hi, I’m Andre Kauerauf. I have been passionate about renewable energy and PV solar since I was in high school. My journey has taken me from Sound Engineering to wireless networking and communications. During my time working for a wireless internet service provider, my passion for all things solar was re-ignited when I was given the opportunity to work on and design solar systems for a large network of remote transmission towers.I have since installed over 65kWp of residential and commercial PV solar systems. My concern, however, is that the growth in the solar market depends very much on developing, encouraging and inspiring young adults. This has to be done in the form of opportunities for jobs and community development. This industry has the potential to have the biggest growth in job creation world wide. I am by no means and expert but hope to be constantly learning, exploring and understanding the newest PV technology so that we, as south africans, can take advantage of all the benefits independent energy generation can offer. I am excited that maxx|solar academy offers a platform for training and development that is very much needed in our country!

Andre is the new director of the maxx-solar academy KwaZulu-Natal and will be offering trainings at his premises in Fort Nottingham. The first training is a Sunrise Intermediate course taking place on the 10-11th October. Register or contact us if you are interested.

Beside the academy, Andre has his own solar company Real Solutions with which he is selling solar PV systems and especially Tesla Powerwall systems. If you would like to get a quote for a system in KZN area, please feel free to contact Andre or us.