The SAPVIA PV GreenCard marks a great progress for the PV industry but there are a lot of new regulations to follow. Training, assessment and registration are the quality assurance tools -all not rocket science but time consuming. To prevent losing jobs because your own accreditation isn’t finalised yet, you can hire an accredited Assessor from maxx.

Robert Fourie and Mathias Weber are both SAPVIA accredited PV GreenCard Installers. Both have a lot of experience with solar PV and run their own companies. Upon request they are available to do PV GreenCard assessments. Robert is even a Master electrician so he can sign off an installed system by himself (no other elctrician needed).

We at maxx-solar energy have already registered a PV system on the PV GreenCard portal, so we are able to give you advice on how to fill out the forms.

Give us a call on 021 813 6561 if you are interested!

Robert PV GreenCard Assessor

Robert supervising a group of course participants.