The maxx-solar academy is now in Zimbabwe.

In South Africa, the maxx-solar academy has already trained more than 1500 participants. Now the maxx-solar acacemy trainings are also available in Zimbabwe and on the 16th and 17th of February the first course will take place. Dave and Francis (see picture) will be your hosts and trainers.

The first course will be a Sunrise Intermediate off-grid course. A 2-day beginner’s course especially tailored for Zimbabweans:

  • Entrepreneurs,
  • new staff members of solar companies,
  • electricians
  • and ambitious job seekers

You are all welcome to sign up for training! 2 days of training, USD 300.00 p.p. excl. VAT, discounts for alumni staff members available.


Our trainers Dave and Francis both work for Sunergy, a Zimbabwean solar company. They have experience with off-grid systems, as well as larger PV systems.

Because it is the first course, we have even more support: Mr. Martin Pollack from South Africa owner of Treetops Renewable Energy Systems and Antje Klauss-Vorreiter and Vivian Bluemel from Germany who work for maxx-solar energy and the German Solar Energy Society will be attending the course and support the team.

Book and pay until 18 January and get 15% early bird discount!

Info & Registration online:


PV is easy? For those who know, indeed!

But the perfectly fitted system requires a bit more than the skill to use any PV calculator on the internet: Sunrise Intermediate off-grid Course

Learn within 2 days what solar photovoltaic is about:

  • How sunlight is converted to electricity (hands-on exercise with training kits)
  • what is power, what does it do and how to connect cables
  • what types of solar systems and applications exist
    • how to distinguish quality and rubbish
    • what are the components of a small off-grid system and how to design it
    • how to install a small scale (95Wp) off-grid system (hands-on installation exercise)

After the course you will know:

  • which system is the right one for which client
  • what steps are necessary to plan and install a system
  • what are the main components of an off-grid system and how to match them

You want to become an expert? The Sunrise Solar Course is the basis to attend more courses, e.g. our Solar Power Technician or Designer Course. We will offer expert courses later this year.

Download our course data sheet for more information. You are welcome to also recommend the training to colleagues, friends and family!