The maxx-solar academy is proud to annound that as of 2014 its world class trainings are now availible in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein and Durban!!

The maxx-solar academy offers the following 8 courses in 2014:

  • Sunrise Beginners Course (only on request)
  • Sunrise Intermediate Course
  • DGS Solar Power Technician Course
  • DGS Solar Power Designer grid-tied
  • DGS Solar Power Designer off-grid (new)
  • DGS Solar Power Designer – PV Farm
  • DGS Solar Power Consultant Course

Information provided in the Sunrise courses establishes the basic knowledge needed for the professional DGS courses. At the same time a first insight in the world of solar power is provided.

All participants of the professional courses have to attend the Sunrise Intermediate Course or alternatively write an entry exam focusing on the content matter of the Sunrise Intermediate Course.

The Professional Level 1 courses provide a detailed insight in one specific subject of the world of photovoltaics.

The Professional Level 2 courses are expert courses for those who want to master of the world of photovoltaics to become a consultant, project manager or trainer.