In South Africa, the maxx-solar academy has already trained more than 1000 participants. Now we took the decision to expand and on the 17th October the first course in Namibia will take place.


The first course will be a Sunrise Intermediate course, our 2-day beginners course. Solar companies, architecture firms, IT sales and networking companies and electricians are all welcome to send their staff for training. 2 days of training, N$3,850 p.p., discounts for alumni staff members available.

There will be a second professional training right after the basic course: Our 2-day Solar Power Designer grid-tied course. 19-20 Oct, Walvis Bay, N$5,500 p.p.

Why spending on training?

I have experience in solar. I have been selling systems already. I have a well going business.

We believe you have! But although you are already running a business, let’s keep you at that level. Competitors are awaking so make professionalism and quality your strategy. PV is easy? For those who know, yes indeed! But the prefectly fitted system requires a bit more than the skill to use any PV calculator on the internet.

At maxx-solar academy: Learn from PV experts, learn how to use software, exchange with experts from the field. Learn what you are talking about to your customers!

For the experts: 19-20 Oct Solar Power Designer Course, N$ 5,500 p.p.

For those who need a bit of basics-boost before: 17-18 Oct Solar Power Sunrise Intermediate Course, N$ 3,850 p.p.



Namibia, what makes you special?

Why should one do solar PV training in Namibia?

Because of our sun. That enourmous amount of sun power and raw solar electricity that is burning down on Namibias surface everyday! No other country in the Southern African region has as much solar potential as Namibia.

Special in a negative sense is also the difficult energy situation in the country. The blackouts earlier this year cast dark shadows on the future of the Namibian energy market. What we know for sure is
that the electricity price will  increase. All these problems will affect the industry as well as the private households but create great market opportunities for the solar community. So time to go solar for you, Namibia!



So much sun! Pay attention to the scale, Namibia gets more solar energy than almost every other place in neighbor country South Africa!


If this is not a reason to go solar, what is? Make use of the great potential nature is offering you and learn how to become independent and how to save money with solar energy. Join the maxx-solar academy.