Solar photovoltaic is your chance to diversify now.

An existing client base is a great basis to expand your business. All of your clients use electricity and all of them have to pay for it. On top, the power supply had been quite unstable during the last month and might become worse during summer time.

There are only good reasons for solar PV! We will be offering a training course on 17-20 October in Walvis Bay. The training consists of two courses, a basic course as introductory and to give you an overview of the technology and components and a Designer course where you learn how to talk to clients, what information is required and finally how to calculate the size of a PV system.



Why Walvis Bay?

The literal big fish are right there.

Fishing industry has a lot of energy consumption during day time which can be supplemented with solar energy. That makes them the perfect target group for solar PV. The cool thing about solar PV is that the market is everywhere. Every house or company consumes electricity, everyone pays for it (far too much mostly!) so every one is a potential client.

All you need is a monthly energy bill to see how much energy they consume and pay, the local sun irradiation and PV surface and then you can calculate how much a solar system will save them! Doesn’t seem so easy? Register for the training.