Unreliable power supply, scattered settlement without grid-access, increasing electricity costs are daily struggles in Zimbabwe. Not good for the economy but great opportunities for solar!solargis-solar-map-zimbabwe-en

Also, Zimbabwe receives twice as much solar energy as Germany. If you have a look at the map, the regions around Harare and the major cities all receive best amounts of solar radiation.

Good quality installations have prooved that solar energy works in Zimbabwe. Especially the off-grid market is a fast growing sector of the industry. Techical developments like Lithium-Ion technology and plug and play solutions make solar energy easy and useful in all different kinds of applications.

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But why spend on training?

“My friend’s friend installed solar without training and made so much money!” -says everyone always

Did he really? Many PV systems in Zimbabwe were installed by unqualified companies and broke after short time. Now solar PV has a bad reputation even though the technology is great and Zimbabwe has huge potential.

Don’t be the one ruining a family by selling bad quality. Happy clients recommending your business mean many more clients for you!

With maxx-solar academy you can set the basis for your career in solar energy without spending a fortune. The Sunrise Solar Course is only 2 days and costs USD 300.00 excl. VAT per person. Extra discounts for multiple bookings available.

You are already in the business? Our course is great for new employees! Because quality is the only way to long-term sucess.

PV is easy? For those who know, yes indeed!

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We especially include as much practical units in our trainings as possible. Learning by doing is our motto. That’s why all our trainers have practical experience and we work together with the industry. We want to prepare our participants to the real-life challenges that expect you in daily business so we mix theoretical training with many exercises, component samples, and self-training units.

If you are interested in training but still have questions you are most welcome to contact our Harare branch:

Dave Mathews & Francis Madaridave-and-francis

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e-mail: zimbabwe@maxx-energy-academy.org