When you look at an irradiation map it seems like Durban area is not the best place for solar.GHI-Solar-map-South-Africa

But look carefully, if you compare the scales below, Durban has still much more solar energy than the sunniest place in Germany!Bild1

All over South Africa, climate conditions are perfect for solar energy generation. Modern PV systems especially embedded generation systems have great efficiency degrees and you can easily cover your household’s daily electricity consumption.

Furthermore, eThekweni Municipality offers a great feed-in tariff, Eskom prices are increasing for farmers and some rural municipalities are still actively having to run load-shedding regularly.

If that doesn’t convince you of solar, maybe independence and control of energy bills for your home will? Solar energy is definitely a growing sector in the next years and maxx-solar academy gives you the opportunity to take part. We are convinced of the succcess of solar applications, the key to use them most efficiently is to educate yourself and to always insist on best possible quality. Even though solar energy is not rocket science, a solid basis of knowledge is necessary to create sustainable and permanently working systems and thus happy clients.

There are only advantages about solar systems and KZN is a great place to start a solar business or extend an existing one. eThekweni Municipality was the first one to offer grid connection of PV systems, long before the City of Cape Town set up their Embedded Generation framework. With full support from the municipality and rising electricity prices, solar energy has great potential.

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